Occupational Safety and Health 


Kennedy has spent over a decade counseling companies on workplace safety issues covering agriculture, mining, chemical and the oil & gas industry. He’s testified numerous times before several agencies including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board, National Fire Protection Agency, White House Office of Management and Budget and most recently before certain agencies concerning Executive Order 13650 Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security .


While at the Agricultural Retailers Assoc., Kennedy represented the agricultural supply industry regarding EO 13650, which directs the federal government to carry out a number of tasks intended to prevent chemical accidents, such as the explosion in West, Texas on April 17, 2013. Specifically, Kennedy counseled the association in forming their first regulatory compliance program, Responsible AG, created the first Fertilizer Safety and Health Partners (FSHP) Alliance along advising on OSHA’s Process Safety Management retail exemption issues.


Kennedy has been advocating for small businesses before OSHA since 2008.


  • OSHA's Process Safety Management Program (PSM) 

  • OSHA regulations and compliance

  • OSHA's approach to permissible exposure limits (PELs)

  • Ammonium Nitrate Regulations (both mining and fertilizer grade)

    • ​AN Haz Comm Standard and Blasting and Explosives 29 CFR 1910.109(i)

  • Globalized Harmonization System (GHS) (formally Hazardous Communications) 

  • OSHA's Recordkeeping Requirements

  • U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board Investigations

  • Safety Issues before Congress







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